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"I'm a graphic designer at heart and have always approached my work through this lens."

While I have worked in higher education for the past decade, I also possess many years of experience in the graphic design industry. I'm a graphic designer at heart and have always approached my work through this lens. Why is this important?

As any skilled designer knows, design is not about 'making things pretty'; design is about problem-solving. Designers realize that the first step in building a strong solution is to understand your audience. Designers recognize that the best solutions involve constant critique and collaboration. They seek feedback regularly and revise as needed. This necessitates excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills as well as an ability to work well with others and successfully manage change. Designers must also be organized and able to do all of these things in a deadline-driven environment.
I have found all of these skills to be vital in the process of creating meaningful learning experiences.


Like graphic design and higher education, I love that instructional design applies to so many different things. This means I am always learning something new and often from those who are experts in their field.  I'm also able to use my design knowledge in a new and rewarding way.  In short, I find learning experience design to be the perfect fit for creatives with an analytical mind and a passion for learning and problem-solving!

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