How did I come
to design learning experiences?

Besides working in Higher Education for the past decade, I also possess many years of experience in the design industry. I am a designer at heart and have always approached my work through this lens. Why is this important? As any good designer knows, design is not just about how something looks. Design is first and foremost about problem-solving.


Designers are taught to see the world around them from different perspectives. They are curious, inquisitive, and know the importance of understanding their audience—the end user. Designers are accustomed to working in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments. They have an eye for detail that makes them keen listeners and skilled communicators. They welcome feedback because they know that the best solutions involve constant critique and collaboration. I have found all of these core competencies to be vital in the development of meaningful learning experiences.


My interest in designing learning experiences naturally evolved through my education, my work experience, and my identity as a lifelong learner. My BFA in Graphic Design and my BA in Communications first laid the foundation for my career as an Art Director, which broadened my love of visual art and my growing passion for technology. Later, while working at a university, I began to partner with faculty in the development of blended courses and online training for teachers. This experience inspired me to go back to school and earn my MS in Instructional Design & Technology.