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Projectile Points of the Great Basin

This concept e-learning prototype contains the first section (Basic Shapes) of a guide designed to teach beginners how to identify projectile points from this region using the markers of shape, material, flaking patterns, and archaeological period.  

 Role:  LX Designer/Developer, Project Manager

Tools: Storyline, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Word

 Other Deliverables:  Project Summary  |  Flowchart  |  Storyboard/Style Guide


Projectile Points.jpg
Taking the Next Step.png

Ready for the Next Step?

Next Step

A short interactive tutorial for area high school juniors and seniors educating them about the transition to college and career. The tutorial is designed to be delivered prior to an outreach session, allowing students to formulate questions beforehand.

 Role:  LX Designer/Developer

Tools: Rise 360, Canva, Photoshop


Pathways in Quantitative Reasoning

This marketing presentation is designed to educate potential adopters of Sacramento State's Center for College & Career Readiness' course offerings in quantitative reasoning for high school seniors.

Role:  LX Designer/Developer

Tools: Rise 360, PowerPoint

Dirty Dozen
The Dirty Dozen.jpg

The Dirty Dozen

Focusing on an annually published list known as the “The Dirty Dozen”, this concept e-learning prototype contains the introduction to a guide designed to assist American consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing produce.

 Role:  LX Designer/Developer, Project Manager

Tools: Adobe Captivate, PowerPoint, Canva, Photoshop, Word

 Other Deliverables:  Flowchart  |  Project Planning Document  |  Storyboard/Style Guide  |  Script

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